Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Who Has the Best Fall Alert?

There are many sites to review that talk about fall alert systems. But how in the world do you, a person unfamiliar with the industry, decide who is right and who is full of it?

One Medical Alert site that I like to read is www.SeniorSafety.com. They write extensively about falls in the home and how to know when it is time to protect your loved one. Senior Safety has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and provides one of the top rated medical alert services in the nation.

About choosing the right fall alert, Jeff (their CEO) boils it down to what are your “gut feelings” telling you? He goes on to say that there are many good fall alert companies out there. He has never found one company with bad equipment. His big point is to take the time to read everyone’s brochure, talk to their agents and make an intelligent decision.

Top Fall Alert Providers

The right company is out there!
Take you time to find the right one for you…

One company tells you to make sure that the other company owns their own senior monitoring center. Really! So company “A” owns their own monitoring center but they are poorly trained and short staffed. How would you know if owning their monitoring center is better or worse? You are simply being trapped by an illogical premise.

What if company “B” partners with their monitoring center, is UL Approved and has redundant back up monitoring centers and provides the best service available? What if they have the most extensive checks and training of their employees? Does it matter who owns the monitoring center in determining how good they are?

One company is fond of telling you to ask if the other companies are monitoring their senior citizens in India. Really! I have never heard of a single US Company that monitors their clients anywhere outside of the US. What are they talking about?

Important questions to ask of all companies you are considering:

  1. One very important question to ask is do they have a secondary redundant monitoring center in another state.
  2. Ask them why they think their service is best. If they tell you how bad other companies are, they are attempting to scare you into buying their service. Watch out for “high pressure” sales tactics.
  3. What hours of the day does their customer service operate?
  4. Who pays for a replacement battery?

Here is the best and only way to determine if a company uses “high pressure” techniques:

Tell them at the end of their presentation that you like what you have heard about their service and that you will need to think about, to please send you a brochure and that you have several more companies to check.

The “high pressure” salesman will start telling you that your mother can fall at anytime and then ask for your credit card, etc. If you were silly enough to give them your phone number sit back a day and watch how many phone calls you start to get and how they increase the pressure to buy. Often if you don’t give them your number, you’ll still get calls.

I don’t know of any good fall alert devices company out there that pressures you to buy their system. The good companies don’t need to!

Take the time to read a bit of our site and you will become an educated consumer.