Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

What to do if your mom or dad doesn’t want a fall alert…

by admin on September 1, 2011

While it may make perfect sense to you to get your mom or dad a fall alert, the idea of these devices is not always so well received by seniors. It is important for seniors to understand that a medical alert is an empowering thing. It’s about being able to do what you want to do and need to do without worrying about falling or tripping. Maybe you haven’t had a fall yet… but its smart to get ahead of a problem before it starts! if you feel weak or wobbly at times, give these devices some thought.

A lot of seniors wear their fall alert button with pride. They love that they feel safe and secure in their home and they tell all of their friends about it. You do not have to tell everyone! You don’t even have to wear a medical alert necklace outside of your clothing (tuck it under your shirt), but know that its a smart thing that you are doing! You’re protecting yourself from medical emergencies and making sure that your family has you around for many many years! And that’s a great thing.

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