Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Seniors do better with a simple fall alert system

by admin on September 6, 2011

Fall alert systems can get complicated quick with added devices and features. In my opinion these additional things can sometimes even get in the way of seniors using their medical alert properly. Seniors tend to do better with a more simple system.

Some fall alert devices offer additional wall buttons that can be installed on the bathroom wall. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to people not wearing their help button at all times. You may still fall in the bathroom out of reach of that wall button. That’s why most medical alert buttons are waterproof – You should be wearing them in the shower or tub too, and at all times! Some companies now offer fall detection. While this is a great idea, the technology is not advanced enough to tell the difference between a senior falling and bending over to pick something up. In my experience seniors sometimes get frustrated with false alarms and might be less inclined to wear or use their medical alert.

So when you are considering a fall alert, don’t forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE! :)

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