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Seniors need to be careful when searching for a fall alert

by admin on September 9, 2011

The fall alert industry can sometimes be a rough place to navigate. There are a number of things that seniors should be careful with when searching for the right company:

  1. High pressure sales tactics – Don’t let yourself get pressured into giving over your credit card information. You are searching for the best fall alert for you. Find a company that freely shares information about their service and doesn’t ask over and over for your credit card.
  2. Scare tactics – Yes, it is true. You or your loved one could potentially have a fall in the next few days. Anything could happen after all! Don’t let a company scare you into make a rash decision. Take a little time to find what else is out there.
  3. Incoming calls – This certainly is a weird one! But some companies do make outbound calls after you have called them. They will call you hoping that you assume they are the company that you want to sign up with. They will ask for your credit card information. Don’t give it to them right off the bat. Always make a point to make sure you understand who you are talking to before signing up with a company. It’s also smart to take their number and call them back.

It is strange, but some companies and some salesmen take advantage of some seniors’ trusting nature. So be careful. There are good honest companies out there and you will find one for you! Best of luck with your search…

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