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Using line seizure with your medical alert or fall alert

by admin on September 13, 2011

If you have multiple phones and want to use a medical alert you should consider installing line seizure for your home phone system. If you were to have a phone plugged in the back of your fall alert system and that phone were off the hook during an emergency, the fall alert would automatically seize the line in the back of the medical alert in order to connect to your monitoring center. However if you were to have a phone off the hook elsewhere in the home (not plugged into the back of your medical alert) and you pressed your medical alert button, the medical alert is not going to be able to seize the line and you would not be able to get help. That’s where line seizure comes in…

RJ-31X is a specialized type of jack that allows your medical alert system to seize the line even if a phone is in use elsewhere in the home. While a normal phone line (RJ11) uses two wires, an RJ31X uses up to 8 to allow this to happen. Your phone provider will be able to install this sort of device for you… If you have a number of phones in the house this is a very smart idea!

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