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Testing fall alert systems

by admin on September 19, 2011

The best way to make sure that your fall alert is working properly is to test it. Anytime that you are concerned that your system may not be plugged in properly or not sure that it is working properly, it is a smart idea to go ahead and run a test. Testing allows you to see that everything is working together: your help button activates the fall alert systems speaker box, which will dial to the monitoring center and connect you to an operator. This makes sure that the button is working, the system is connected right, and that the speaker is working as well.

Part of good fall alert customer service is encouraging customers to test. The best fall alert companies ask you to test regularly and the bad companies tend not to even mention it much. When a company asks you to test, it means that they care about whether your fall alert systems working. So schedule a regular time to test and mark it on your calendar! It could mean the difference between your fall alert working in the case of an emergency…

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