Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

When is your mom or dad not able to use a fall alert?

by admin on October 3, 2011

While a fall alert is an excellent way for a senior to live at home independently for a very long time, there comes a time when fall alert systems are just not enough. It’s smart to be in tune with your mom or dad’s situation. Knowing when your mom is no longer able to use her fall alert button can help her transition smoothly into the next thing – this could be a live in caretaker or assisted living. Neither of these are necessarily separate from using fall alert systems. Very often they can be a great combination.

The biggest obstacle to your mom using her fall alert is her remember to wear it at all times, and knowing to use it in an emergency. Helping your mom test regularly is a smart way to keep her very aware of the medical alert and ready to use it. If you notice your mom not wearing the button, get a sense if she forgot to wear it and if that happens regularly. Sometimes seniors reach a point where they need a little more help. It’s your job to help your mom or dad when that time comes…

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