Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Testing your fall alert systems range

by admin on October 7, 2011

While most companies’ fall alert systems work very similarly, different companies tend to quote different ranges for their individual systems. I tend to trust companies that give more conservative estimates of these ranges because I know that ultimately fall alert devices behave differently in different houses. You may get a great distance in one home and a more conservative range in another. The best thing to do when you get your fall alert is to test it out! There are two common tests for these medical alert systems. First off, you’ll be able to test the range of the speaker to make sure that you are able to speak with an operator from each room of your house, and second you will be able to test the pendant’s range – this let’s you see how far outside (in the garden or yard) you will be able to send a signal that you need help. If you find that you are unable to speak to your medical alert systems operator from one room or are getting less distance on one side of the house, consider placing your fall alert somewhere more centrally located in the home. If nothing else, testing these ranges allows you to know what to expect in the case of an emergency. So take a few minutes and test!

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