Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

“Medically trained” medical alert operators

by admin on October 10, 2011

While different medical alert companies stress different things about their service, everyone agrees that having well trained operators is crucial to an appropriate response in any and every emergency. But all of these fall alert companies say different things about their operators. Things like “medically trained” and “FBI screened” sound good, but what do they mean? Do you expect that these companies train their operators to the level of paramedics? Of course not. I’ve had a medical alert representative tell me that their operators have extensive medical training – the same that 911 operators receive. To the best of my knowledge dispatchers are trained to relay information and coordinate different vehicles. Dispatchers never give medical assistance over the phone (that could actually be incredibly dangerous!).

I prefer companies that are proud of (and willing to explain) how their operators are trained – not hung up on the idea of “medically trained.” If I were to have an emergency, I’d want someone on the other end of that fall alert speaker doing their job quickly and effectively and relaying reliable information. When talking to these companies, focus on how they are trained to respond… It’s your medical alert’s job to get you help, not to tell you how to help yourself!

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