Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Choosing the right fall alert equipment

by admin on October 26, 2011

As you look around at different fall alert companies, you’ll notice that most everyone’s equipment works the same. With all medical alert systems, you press a button to speak to an operator and get help. People sometimes get lost in the details. One service says their fall alert covers a 400 ft range while another says 600 ft! Honestly, unless you have a very large property or a very large home a number of these details don’t apply to you… When searching for medical alert systems focus on some more service related issues: If their fall alert doesn’t cover my yard am I able to cancel? Do they provide a trial period – like a 30 day money back guarantee? Is their a minimum time commitment involved? These are all questions that are worth asking. To be frank, even if a company tells you they have a 600 ft range, it may not be true, or it may have slightly less range in and around your home. So cover your bases and make sure you aren’t committed if their fall alert doesn’t work for you!

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