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The truth about fall detection

by admin on November 8, 2011

Ultimately, fall detection is the future of the fall alert industry, but for now the technology is in its infancy. Fall detection systems are going to become much more accurate and much more user friendly as time passes. For now, I am not able to recommend any fall alert systems that have fall detection. I have seen too many seniors stop using standard user friendly systems because they had a couple false alarms a long the way and got frustrated. With fall detection these false alarms are much more frequent since the help button is activating itself when it thinks you have fallen. You may have just been sitting down or bending over, playing with a grand-kid or doing chores. All it takes is a similar movement to falling and the fall alert will activate.

I recommend choosing a simple system for your mom or dad. Hopefully, by the time you or I reach our golden years, fall detection will have progressed significantly and may be the only type on the market. For now, seniors tend to do much better just pressing the help button them self :)

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