Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

The main concern with fall detection

by admin on November 30, 2011

A number of big companies are now offering fall detection as an add-on service with their fall alert systems. Everyone knows that fall detection leads to more false alarms than a standard medical alert would. Your help button predicting when your loved one has fallen just naturally leads to that. My main concern with fall detection fall alert systems is that seniors may become frustrated or discouraged because of these false alarms. I’ve seen seniors choose not to wear their help button anymore simply because they had 2 or 3 false alarms over the span of many years. The main goal with fall alert systems is for your loved one to always wear their help button. If they become disenfranchised with their system, they may choose not to wear the help button at all times. Before signing up for a fall detection service, make sure that it’s a necessary thing for your mom or dad’s situation and that the pros outweigh the cons…

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