Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Fall detection fall alert buttons and how they work

by admin on December 21, 2011

Fall alert buttons with this new fall detection technology are designed to detect when a senior falls and automatically alert their monitoring center. Currently the manufacturers of these fall detection devices are reporting a 90% success rate. This means that 10% of the time these fall alerts are either not alerting when someone falls or sending emergency signals when it is not a fall. While 90% is great, it is far from perfect… The main problem with fall detection is that because of these false alarms these systems run the risk of frustrating and alienating their users. Often seniors get discouraged with false alarms. We all know that if a senior stops wearing their fall alert button, it will do them no good so maintaining a positive outlook on your fall alert system is important. Currently I am unable to recommend these fall detection alerts because of potential false alarms. If you are signing up with a fall detection service, make sure that it is necessary for your situation.

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