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Help dad with his fall alert systems search

by admin on March 28, 2012

Does your dad often surprise you by being very independent and at the same time horribly forgetful? If so it may be good for you to be extra involved in his fall alert systems search. I’m sure dad would like to do things himself and that’s great, but staying involved in this search is sometimes crucial for the children of seniors. From working in the medical alert industry, I know how often the children of seniors have to call around to each company trying to find out which fall alert systems their parent signed up for. Either mom forgot to write it down, or she was mentally with it when she ordered and regressed quickly to a point that she can no longer remember the name of her the medical alert company. Worse yet, if dad has Alzheimer’s or the early signs of Dementia, he could order with multiple companies. There are very aggressive salespeople in this industry – sometimes with very little shame and commission to make. While the fall alert systems industry should ideally be a safe place for seniors to shop, it often isn’t. It’s just plain smart for you to be involved in your parent’s search- regardless of the situation…

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