Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

When is a fall detection medical alert necessary?

by admin on April 14, 2012

Fall detection is going to be such a great thing for seniors in a number of years. As of now though, these fall detection medical alert systems really are not advanced enough to recommend for all seniors. This technology leads to a very high percentage of false alarms when compared with a standard medical alert. While considering how false alarms will effect mom’s service is a must, also think about when fall detection is 100% necessary for mom. Are you looking into a medical alert because mom is simply aging and at risk for falls or other unexpected emergencies? Or does mom have a specific medical conditions that she needs a system for? If mom is simply at a higher risk of normal falls because of her age, I’d recommend a standard medical alert without fall detection. The chances that she has a fall and is unable to press that button are very low. Most medical alert customers are more concerned about falling and being stuck on the ground for hours with no way to contact help rather than having an emergency where they are unable to press the button. If mom has a specific condition that leads to emergencies where she won’t be able to press the button – a stroke or otherwise – it would be great to think about a fall detection medical alert. While it is your choice, I cannot recommend fall detection until the technology comes along enough for false alarms to be less of an issue!

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