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Will fall alert companies call me before 911 if my mom falls?

by admin on May 4, 2012

Oftentimes, family members who live close to their mother prefer to be called before 911 if mom hits her fall alert button. If this is what you’d like for your mom’s situation, there are a few things for you to ask different companies and a couple things to understand about what you are asking. First off, fall alert companies call 911 before calling you during an emergency for your mom’s safety. They know that every moment is precious during an emergency and they want to error on the side of caution. These companies do call your emergency contact list immediately after, and if it were a non-emergency, mom could always ask for them to call you (thus bypassing 911 altogether). If you live more than a couple of minutes away, I’d recommend allowing them to keep their procedure as is. If you live close by and feel that you must be called first before 911, ask each company about their procedure. Some companies allow 1 person to be called before 911 if needed, some 2, and others will call your whole list. While the choice is ultimately yours, I’d strongly advice against calling more than 1 or 2 people before dispatching paramedics. Calling through a long list is valuable time lost! Make sure you understand how a companies procedures work before signing your mom up for their fall alert service…

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