Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

When will fall detection technology be more reliable?

by admin on June 7, 2012

As you call around looking at different medical alert companies, you may notice that only one or two offer a service called fall detection right now. Now, I’d have to say that most companies are excited about eventually offering this sort of service to their customers. But most don’t at this point simply because the technology is still incredibly new. Fall detection medical alert systems tend to lead to a much higher rate of false alarms. Bending over, sitting down, laying down, or even setting down a purse can all resemble a fall depending on how you do it. Many companies don’t want their senior clients to have to deal with too many false alarms. This can lead to frustration in their client base and can even contribute to losing customers. So when will this fall detection technology improve? Hopefully soon! As you know, technology is improving everyday at amazing rates. I wouldn’t be surprised if a better version of this technology is released within the next five years!

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