Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Medical alert systems are there to help mom stay in her home

by admin on June 29, 2012

With how common medical alert systems are in this day and age, it always surprises me when a senior is opposed to the idea. More and more of your mother’s friends are using medical alert systems each year, and that means she will become more comfortable with the idea herself. I think the biggest hangup with some seniors, is the concept of needing help. Seniors who are able to take care of themselves without help, sometimes assume that things will always be that way. But a fall or emergency can happen at any time, leaving them unprepared when they need help the most. So it’s important for your mother to know that these medical alert systems are not about taking away her independence. They are about keeping independence for as long as possible and staying in the home that she loves for as long as possible. It is about her helping herself – simply by realizing that she is getting older and may need help at some point along the way, she’ll empower herself to live a longer, healthier life by being prepared during an emergency!

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