Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Fall alert devices are a long term solution

by admin on July 6, 2012

I’m always surprised how often families try to use fall alert devices as a short term solution. Maybe mom has health issues and dad is planning on being out of town for a couple weeks. Many people start investigating a fall alert that they can get for just a matter of weeks. This sort of decision makes little sense to me. The benefits of these fall alert devices are long term benefits. Improved health and independence for your mother and your father. With a fall alert in the home your dad can go to run errands without having to constantly worry about something happening to mom. Having a system in the home can even be helpful if your dad is in the other room or a different part of the house. Often getting help quickly can mean a big difference to a senior’s health. Your father will hear the medical alert sounding off when mom presses that button, and will be able to rush over to help her. So I really hope you approach these fall alert devices from a long term perspective. It will be a great help to mom’s health and happiness in the long run!

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