Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

How will I know when my parents use their medical alert?

by admin on July 13, 2012

Whenever you are calling different medical alert companies it’s important to ask them about their procedures. Some companies may glance over this information, so stop the representative and ask for more specifics. What happens after mom presses her button? How do you make sure that you get a call whenever mom has an emergency? A lot of the big companies handle this the same way. If mom were to press that button and tell the operator that she needs help or is having an emergency, they would first dispatch the local EMS crews to her location. They would then call down her list of contacts to speak with at least one contact person to make sure they know what is going on… You generally want people who are closer to be first on that list. That way they can be on their way over at the same time as the paramedics. So it is more likely that someone on the top of the list will get the required call informing them of mom’s emergency. If they don’t reach the first person, they will leave a quick voicemail and move on to the next contact. If you don’t live close, you can still be further down the list and receive a call. Some medical alert companies make the distinction between a person with a key and a person who must be notified if anything happens. So talk to whatever company you are going with about how to best label and order your contacts. I am sure they would be happy to accommodate whatever you need. At the very least, it is important for you to understand exactly how the service you are signing mom up for works!

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