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How quickly do medical alert systems get an operator over the line?

by admin on July 25, 2012

Seeing how different medical alert systems companies respond to the question of response time is very interesting to me. Many companies give an exact time: “It takes 25 seconds to get an operator on the line” – others give a range “20 – 40 seconds.” The reality is that the response time for their medical alert systems is going to depend on your phone service. Some types of phone services connect quicker than others, and some must actually connect slower in order to establish a reliable connection. My main recommendation to seniors looking into these systems is to not worry so heavily about response time. Once company may tell you that is takes 20 seconds while another tells you 40 seconds. This could simply be the difference between an optimistic estimate and a conservative estimate. These two companies may even provide the same type of equipment! The important thing to consider is the quality of the service (the quality of monitoring and customer service). If a company tells you that their system connects you to an operator in less than 20 seconds, you should ask more questions of them. In my experience, that quick of a response is unlikely and potentially misleading.

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