Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Seniors get frustrated by fall detection false alarms

by admin on August 2, 2012

A lot of families want to spare no expense in protecting mom, and that is such a great sentiment. So a lot of people don’t even blink at the extra $10 per month that it may cost to add a fall detection service to mom’s medical alert. But there is more to think about when considering fall detection. One reason that some seniors stop using or cancel their medical alert service is that they become frustrated with false alarms. False alarms can either be a small bother, where a senior will just talk to the operator and let them know that they didn’t mean to press the help button, or a large bother involving EMS crews showing up at their house. With standard medical alert services, seniors have to press their medical alert button in order to activate their medical alert. So when a false alarm happens, which is rare, it means they accidentally hit that button. With a fall detection system, false alarms can happen while seniors are bending over, laying down, or doing a variety of other day to day activities. Any movement that resembles a fall can trigger the device. I’ve heard that the most common time that these automatic alerts happen is when women are putting down there purses (with the button inside the purse). Standard medical alert systems have less false alarms and are easier to understand and use. So consider whether your mom needs fall detection. If it is not absolutely necessary, it may be better to for her to just use a normal medical alert where she needs to press that button during an emergency…

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