Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Using fall alert devices in the yard or garden…

by admin on August 22, 2012

When you order one of these fall alert devices, you want to make sure that it is going to cover you exactly where you need. A lot of seniors walk in their yard daily – whether they are working in their garden or just getting some sunshine. So it’s important to know whether or not your medical alert works out in your yard. All medical alert systems are designed to cover you in your yard and most have a big enough range to even cover your entire property. For most of them, you will not be able speak to an operator from outside – but they will have to assume you are in trouble because you pressed your help button and they will send help. Now, some fall alert devices offer a speaker in the pendant that will allow you to speak to an operator from outside. I do not recommend these devices because having that speaker means that the device is no longer waterproof and will not be able to be worn in the shower or tub. It is very important for your medical alert system to be waterproof so that you can be covered in the shower where so many falls happen! With whatever type of button you choose, you will be able to test that range once you plug that system in at your home. Call your medical alert company and they’ll be glad to instruct you on how to do that… It is so very important to test that range in order to know exactly where you are covered! You can always adjust the location of the fall alert devices to optimize the range outside. So don’t worry, you will still be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine while being protected!

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