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Fall alert buttons should be waterproof

by admin on September 7, 2012

This should go without saying, but sometimes it is not the case. Fall alert buttons should be waterproof. A lot of falls happen when seniors are taking showers or are getting out of their bathtub! There is a newer version of this type of equipment where the button has a speaker in it, and often seniors make the mistake of choosing it even though it is not in their best interest. The speaker in the button does make it easier to communicate with an operator where ever you are in the home or even outside in the yard as well, BUT the button is no longer waterproof because of that speaker. The speaker makes it water-resistant, and seniors unfortunately have to take these devices off before getting in the shower. As we all know, a lot of falls happen in the shower… While having a speaker inside the button would be a great thing, it is more important for that button to be waterproof! So I am unable to recommend fall alert buttons that have speakers in them for that very reason. Plus a standard medical alert device is designed to cover a very large home through the speaker in the main unit itself. If they are ever unable to speak with you (or if you are outside in your yard), they will have to get you help all the same! Speaking with you is actually secondary to getting you help. I find that most seniors do better with a standard medical alert button that they are able to wear in the shower, so that’s what I recommend.

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