Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Mobile medical alerts and GPS fall alert systems

by admin on September 22, 2012

Medical alert systems have changed a lot in the last 30 years. When these systems first came out, there wasn’t even a speaker in them to allow you to speak to an operator. And now years later, companies offer all sorts of add on services like mobile devices and GPS devices. One thing hasn’t changed though. For use within your mom’s home, a standard fall alert device is going to work best. Mobile devices operate off of a cell signal and are no where close to as reliable as a standard system. A standard system connects you to help through your home telephone service – which should be a reliable connection at all times. I’m sure you’ve noticed that you sometimes don’t get a cell signal in your home depending on which room you are in or even because of rough weather! So don’t put your mother’s safety in the hands of a spotty cell signal. Now as far as these GPS mobile devices go, I usually recommend a cell phone for seniors when they are out and about running errands or driving to the doctors. Even with a GPS device, your mother would have to be able to speak to an operator to let them know exactly where she is. The GPS in those devices reports a 100 yard radius for the location – too broad of a location to dispatch to without them first speaking to mom. Since mom will have to tell them where she is anyway, I find that programming a cell phone to dial 911 with the press of one button works best. Plus with a cell phone she will have the added flexibility of reaching family members or friends in a non-emergency situation!

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