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Dad doesn’t want medical alert systems

by admin on October 11, 2012

It is a worst case scenario of sorts when dad is opposed to the one thing that could really help make sure that he is safe in his current living situation. Often families feel backed against a wall. Their dad would like to stay at home, and that’s also where they’d like him to be – but he is completely opposed to wearing one of these medical alert systems help buttons. To him a help button is a symbol of him losing his independence, but the reality of the situation is it is about him keeping his independence for many years to come and continuing to live in the home that he loves. So how do you help dad accept the idea of medical alert systems? I’d recommend starting by ordering some literature for you and him to look over together. He should understand that he means a lot to you and you want him around for many years to come. Medical alert systems help seniors live longer by allowing them to get help quickly during an emergency and therefore recover quicker after an emergency! Rather than developing ongoing health issues from being stuck on the floor for hours, he will be on his way back to healthy sooner! Talk to him about how this is a preventative measure. It is the safest way for him to continue to live at home alone! And, most importantly, remind him and yourself that you have a common goal! Both of you want him to be happy, healthy, and independent in the house he loves. Taking your father’s concerns seriously and including him in the discussion about these medical alert systems is the best way to win him over. If you spring this type of service on him, he may simply refuse to wear the help button and it will do him no good! So make sure you talk to your father! Share your concerns and find a mutual solution…

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