Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Why fall alert systems don’t work with cell phones

by admin on October 23, 2012

I am aware of a growing number of seniors that are ditching their old home telephone service to just use their cell phone. They figure that the cell phone will work both while they are out and about and while they are at home, and they simply want to save some money each month as well. This is all fine and good except if these seniors decide to protect themselves with fall alert systems in their home, they will have to reinstate their home telephone service. This is because all standard home medical alert services require a home telephone and will not work with cell phones. Cell phone signals are often unreliable (especially in people’s homes) and should not be relied on for this type of emergency help service. For my personal purposes a cell phone is fine. When I am not getting a good signal at home I simply walk outside and talk there. But you would not be able to do that in an emergency situation! There are even some home telephone services now that are through cell signals. This is a very different type of phone connection, with the same issues that a cell phone has… So it is both not recommended for use with fall alert systems, and no companies currently offer equipment that is compatible with that type of service. So if mom or dad is considering getting rid of their phone service to save some money and considering a medical alert in their home, plan ahead! They need to keep that phone to have a fall alert in their home!

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