Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Using a Cable Phone or Standard Land Line

by admin on November 9, 2012

Often seniors are surprised to hear that what type of phone service they use in their home will effect their medical alert service. I always recommend a standard land line for seniors using a medical alert at home. The medical alert uses your home telephone service to connect you with an operator during an emergency, and standard land lines are the most reliable type of phone service that you can choose. They work during a power outage and they aren’t subject to random cable outages. If the power goes out in your home and you have a cable phone, the phone will be down too. This is because your phone works through the cable modem, which is directly ties into your electricity. Beyond that, sometimes your cable service in the area will be down. This is just not something you can plan for ever, and, therefore, it is not ideal for use with a medical alert. Of course, many seniors save money by getting their phone service through a cable provider, and most medical alert equipment does work with this type of phone service. But it is so very important to understand the limitations of a cable service. If you regularly have electrical or cable outages in your area, you should absolutely look into installing a standard land line in your home. You are taking an important step by getting a medical alert in your home, so consider going further to make sure your home phone and medical alert are working at all times.

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