Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Mobile fall alert devices or a cell for protection outside the home…

by admin on November 16, 2012

Under no circumstance do I recommend mobile fall alert devices to be used instead of a standard medical alert in your home. I have heard of too many seniors who switch back to a standard medical alert because they learned the hard way that the cell signal that their mobile device uses is much less reliable than a standard phone line. But some families want to protect their parents even when they are outside the home, out in public. Mobile fall alert devices certainly are a reasonable solution, but many seniors do just as well with a cell phone. These mobile devices tend to be about the size of a cell phone, and the GPS inside them is actually no different from the GPS inside of a cell phone. In fact, because the GPS in mobile devices only can locate within 100 yards of an individual many agencies will not dispatch to a GPS signal alone. So your parent would have to be able to speak to the operator to let them know what is going on and where they are (exactly the same as using the speed dial in a cell phone). The main advantage to a cell phone is that it provides flexibility in a non-emergency situation. What if your mom just needs you or your brother called? The added benefit of a cell phone is that it is a cell phone! While many seniors want to be protected while they are out and about, there will be other people around if they were to experience a fall. Many seniors only use a fall alert inside their home for when they are alone for prolonged periods of time.

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