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Medical alert systems as a christmas present

by admin on November 28, 2012

During the holidays it can be sometimes be tempting to get mom one of these medical alert systems and bring it to her as a gift without ever discussing it with her. You know that your mother needs one so you might as well just go for it, right? Wrong! It is so very important to talk to your mother about having a medical alert before just springing one on her. Your mom will be the one who is wearing the help button at all times. So if she doesn’t want the service, she can simply take the button off and leave it on a counter. If she is not on board with the plan, its just not going to do her much good! So talk to mom. Make sure she understands that having medical alert systems in her home is about keeping her independence, not taking it away! Both you and her want her to live a healthy, happy life in her home for many years to come. So your goal is the same! All I am saying, is talk to mom about her Christmas gift before ever ordering it! It’ll save you the time and effort of returning it if she is completely against the idea. And the simple act involving mom in the decision will automatically make her that much more open to it!

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