Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Is fall detection good for all seniors?

by admin on December 10, 2012

Fall detection is a really neat step in the right direction for protecting seniors. Someday when the technology is perfected, this feature will be a part of every standard medical alert system. In the meantime, while it may be tempting to sign your mom up for the “very best” and spend a lot more on her medical alert service, in most cases fall detection is not necessary and in some cases it can be very counterproductive to mom’s long-term success. It just is not for all seniors! As you can imagine these devices that predict falls can’t get it right every time. Often, things like bending over or laying down can activate the medical alert! Having a button that keeps alerting by itself or having the paramedics show up at mom’s home without her pressing the button can certainly prove to be frustrating for her. So I only recommend these types of devices for seniors who have a specific type of medical condition. Maybe mom has a history of fainting or a history of strokes that makes you think she has a higher chance of having an emergency where she is not able to press the button. For long-term protection, most seniors do better with a standard medical alert – where they have to press the button to get help. These systems are easier to use and understand, and have fewer false alarms! So consider keeping mom’s medical alert protection simple, user-friendly, and affordable! I think you’ll be glad that you did…

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