Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

What is Fall Detection?

by admin on January 28, 2013

Fall detection is an add-on feature that some medical alert companies offer. The difference between fall detection and a standard medical alert system is that fall detection is designed to activate on its own based on a seniors movement. If a senior has a fall the system automatically alerts their monitoring center. Sometimes the system might activate when a senior hasn’t fallen but was just laying down, bending over, or had dropped the button. It’s true, these fall detection systems lead to a higher rate of false alarms (which can be frustrating for some seniors). Most seniors do better with a standard medical alert system. With these standard systems, they will have to press the button in order to get help. But this prevents lots of false alarms from happening and still protects seniors in the vast majority of situations.

I recommend fall detection primarily for seniors who have a medical condition that will prevent them from pressing a button during an emergency. Maybe they have a history of strokes or fainting. Most seniors should consider sticking to a standard medical alert. These are better for their long term success because they are easier to use and understand as they age!

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