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The limitations of mobile medical alert systems

by admin on April 11, 2013

Lately, I hear a lot about seniors wanting or getting mobile medical alert systems so that they can be protected anywhere they go. I love hearing about seniors who are proactive about their safety and wellness. Your mom may have become interested in one because a lot of mom’s friends are getting the mobile devices now. Often times though, getting a mobile medical alert might not be exactly what mom needs for her situation, so it’s best to understand how these devices work before ordering them. Now, there are two main details that are important to know. These are details that a medical alert systems salesperson might not tell you up front. First off, mobile medical alert systems are not intended for use within your home. These devices work off of a cell signal. Much like a cell phone used in your home, these mobile devices can be unreliable. Maybe they work in one room and not the other or you could even just have bad reception on a given day. It is best to use a standard, primary medical alert within mom’s home. That is going to be the most bulletproof way for mom to reliably get help during an emergency in her home! Beyond that, it is important to know that mobile devices don’t work everywhere outside of the home either. There are limitations! Your mom’s mobile medical alert works off a cell signal that is associated with one of the major cell phone providers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T). Depending on the cell service that the mobile medical alert works through and their coverage in your area, your mom may not have reliable coverage outside of the home. It’s best to ask what cell provider the mobile signal is through and understand their coverage in your area before ever ordering! Assuming that the mobile device gets good coverage in your mom’s area, it is fine for her to use one. But I’d recommend only using it as a secondary (outside the home) device. She still needs a primary medical alert to get reliable coverage inside her home or apartment!

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