Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

Fall detection is an important service for some seniors

by admin on June 4, 2013

With all the potential pit-falls of using a medical alert with fall detection, it can be a very useful service for seniors in specific situations or with certain medical conditions. Let’s say that your loved one has a history of having strokes. During the stroke they would not be able to press a button to get help and, of course, they still need emergency crews at their house immediately! The fall detection would activate when your loved one hits the ground and help would be on the way shortly. There are a number of different possible situations where seniors would certain benefit by using fall detection, but it is important to note that fall detection is not for everyone. If your mom is incorporating a medical alert into her life simply because she is getting a little older, fall detection is not for her. To increase long-term use of this type of service, it is important to keep mom’s medical alert easy to use and understand. It is a fact that fall detection leads to more false alarms. This can be frustrating for many seniors and most of whom did not need an auto-alert type system to begin with. Those seniors may decide to cancel their service or not wear their button. If your mom doesn’t have a special situation that requires fall detection, she will do best with a button that she has to press. As long as she wears the button at all times, she’ll be able to get help if she ever has a fall or other emergency! And you’ll even save some money by going with a reliable primary medical alert!

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