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Are mobile medical alerts the best option while traveling?

by admin on July 5, 2013

Mobile medical alerts are an option for seniors who like to take road trips. In fact, aside from using a cell phone during an emergency, these mobile devices tend to be the only option. It is important to understand the limitations of these mobile GPS devices so that you have accurate expectations though. Using one of these devices is very similar to using a cell phone. You can actually program a cell phone’s speed dial to call 911 simply by pressing one button and the “talk” key. This tends to be an excellent alternative to mobile medical alert systems. GPS devices actually work off of a cell signal, provided by one of three major cell providers – so just like your cell phone, GPS devices DO NOT get coverage everywhere. Often, cell phones and GPS devices are not reliable options for getting help in isolated areas. When you are traveling by car, you may go miles at a time where you have no cell signal. If you are traveling the western half of the US, you could potentially drive for a hundred miles without a reliable signal. So it is important to understand, while GPS devices are an option – they are certainly not fail-proof. If you have serious health problems but still like to take road trips, consider traveling with a group or reconsider your travel plans altogether. Whether you plan on using your cell phone or a mobile medical alert to get help on the road, it is important to understand how these devices work!

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