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Fads in fall alert devices

by admin on August 15, 2013

I’ve been writing about fall alert devices for a number of years now, and it’s been interesting to me to be able to have this unique view of this industry. I’ve seen a lot of medical alert fads come and go now. With so much change in the industry, one thing remains the same: These devices are so important for aging seniors who want to continue living independently.

When I first started, people looking into fall alert devices couldn’t get enough of the wall button. What tends to make a fad just a fad rather than a lasting development in medical alerts, is reliability. These wall buttons made seniors feel safe and secure even without them wearing their necklace or wrist band, and that proved to be a problem. There was no guarantee that mom would fall within reach of a wall button, so the wall button’s presence actually prevented the proper use of the medical alert. Similarly, a couple years back fall detection became the thing that certain companies really pushed. Eventually, consumers began to understand that fall detection could lead to many false alarms and a good amount of frustration. Fall detection was actually getting in the way of the intended long-term use of a medical alert. Seniors could become frustrated from the false alarms and even become scared of wearing their button! While both fall detection and wall buttons still exist, they both have proved to be useful in certain situations, but harmful in others. The current fad in fall alert devices is GPS mobile devices. While GPS devices are a nice way to help cover mom or dad outside of their home, they just don’t work as reliably as you’d need inside a home. Many seniors are using GPS devices as their only medical alert system right now. And many are learning the hard way why using GPS mobile devices instead of a standard in-home medical alert is just a fad.

The most important thing I can tell you, is that medical alerts have been around for a long time! Ignoring the fads and choosing standard reliable fall alert devices is easily your best bet for long-term success!

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