Fall Alert Your Guide to Medical Alerts

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During an extra hot summer, seniors, small children, and people with certain conditions should be extra careful. The summer heat doesn’t just make you sweat or give you a sunburn, it can also be a serious health risk if you don’t take it seriously. As you know, using fall alert system in your home can be a great way to get help quickly when you have an emergency. Ideally though, you’d prefer to prevent potential emergencies by taking the appropriate precautions. So during the summer, here are a few easy steps for seniors with medical alerts: 1. Drink lots of fluids! Of course, during the heat it is important to be properly hydrated. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages because they can dehydrate your body! This step may seem like a no-brainer, but did you know that many aging seniors begin to lose their feeling of thirst? Your body could be in a greater need of water than you think. 2. Wear appropriate clothing and use sunscreen! Lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing works the very best! Do you also own a good hat for keeping the sun off of you? Having a sunburn affects your ability to cool down and dehydrates you as well! So when possible, use lots of sunscreen! 3. Keep cool by staying indoors! If you don’t have A/C, you could take a couple hours out of your day to visit the grocery store, a mall, or the library. But the best way to stay cool, is to stay out of the sun altogether. Now, if you have one of these fall alert systems, don’t be afraid to use it. Even if you are just feeling dizzy or off, you can certainly press that button. Your fall alert system can be an effective way to get in touch with family, friends or neighbors to come check on you without expending a lot of energy!

Are fall alert systems only for senior citizens?

by admin on February 21, 2013

While commonly used by seniors, fall alert systems can be used by anyone! I’ve heard of lots of people in their 40′s or 50′s and even teenagers who use medical alert systems. It is not a question of your age, it is about the need. Many adults use it because they are at a high risk of a heart attack or stroke, or have a medical condition that necessitates it. Families with sons or daughters who are disabled often use fall alert systems if a situation arises where disabled child is alone regularly. So if you are not a senior but are looking into a good fall alert service, don’t feel out of place! These medical alert companies are familiar with situations like yours! The same rules apply that apply to seniors apply to younger people looking into a medical alert as well. Talk to any company you are interested in to get a good idea of their service and think about whether it is the best service for your situation! The biggest difference that you’ll find comes down to customer service, so make sure you are choosing a good one!

I am aware of a growing number of seniors that are ditching their old home telephone service to just use their cell phone. They figure that the cell phone will work both while they are out and about and while they are at home, and they simply want to save some money each month as well. This is all fine and good except if these seniors decide to protect themselves with fall alert systems in their home, they will have to reinstate their home telephone service. This is because all standard home medical alert services require a home telephone and will not work with cell phones. Cell phone signals are often unreliable (especially in people’s homes) and should not be relied on for this type of emergency help service. For my personal purposes a cell phone is fine. When I am not getting a good signal at home I simply walk outside and talk there. But you would not be able to do that in an emergency situation! There are even some home telephone services now that are through cell signals. This is a very different type of phone connection, with the same issues that a cell phone has… So it is both not recommended for use with fall alert systems, and no companies currently offer equipment that is compatible with that type of service. So if mom or dad is considering getting rid of their phone service to save some money and considering a medical alert in their home, plan ahead! They need to keep that phone to have a fall alert in their home!

Knowing when to test fall alert systems

by admin on August 11, 2012

I’m sure you know that the majority of fall alert companies out there ask you to test their systems regularly. Most that I am familiar with ask you to do it about once a month. There are special circumstances when you may need to test your fall alert systems in between your monthly test though… Anytime you unplug your system and plug it back in or relocate the system in your home it is so very important to test the connections. Without testing you just don’t know if one of the phone cords is loose in the jack or if the new phone jack you plugged it into is even working. As long as you can press your fall alert button and speak to an operator over your speaker, it means that everything is plugged in and working correctly for you. Likewise if your power goes out in the home for a prolonged period of time, it is important to test when the power comes back on. In some cases, power surges and even being without power can disrupt the programming of fall alert systems. While your system is probably still working just fine or while you probably did plug everything in correctly, it is still a great idea to be thorough and test!

It’s important for you to get a jump on installing one of these fall alert systems in mom’s home before she ever has an emergency. For aging seniors, often all it takes is one fall for medical problems to develop. If your mom is unable to get help during a fall she could be stuck on the floor for many hours or she might have to drag herself across the floor to reach a phone. Without help, she risks developing more injuries than just what was caused by the original fall. So try your best to get ahead of any problems before they start. Start talking with your mom about the benefits of having fall alert systems in her home. Together you guys can take this first important step for her safety!

Help dad with his fall alert systems search

by admin on March 28, 2012

Does your dad often surprise you by being very independent and at the same time horribly forgetful? If so it may be good for you to be extra involved in his fall alert systems search. I’m sure dad would like to do things himself and that’s great, but staying involved in this search is sometimes crucial for the children of seniors. From working in the medical alert industry, I know how often the children of seniors have to call around to each company trying to find out which fall alert systems their parent signed up for. Either mom forgot to write it down, or she was mentally with it when she ordered and regressed quickly to a point that she can no longer remember the name of her the medical alert company. Worse yet, if dad has Alzheimer’s or the early signs of Dementia, he could order with multiple companies. There are very aggressive salespeople in this industry – sometimes with very little shame and commission to make. While the fall alert systems industry should ideally be a safe place for seniors to shop, it often isn’t. It’s just plain smart for you to be involved in your parent’s search- regardless of the situation…

Who provides the best fall alert systems really is a matter of opinion. That said, there are a lot of specific things that you should look for and expect from a solid fall alert service. 1. Make sure your company provides reliable monitoring and great customer service. Customer service really is one of the biggest factors of a dependable fall alert provider. 2. Make sure your fall alert systems come with flexible terms. Don’t sign up for a company that locks you into time or isn’t able to guarantee your price! 3. Make sure you understand their service fully. An informed customer is a happy customer – so you are much less likely to be disappointed if you know everything going into your fall alert service. As long as you do thorough research before ordering, I’m sure you will find the best fall alert systems for your situation! Best of luck with your search…

Fall alert systems and using a lock box!

by admin on February 20, 2012

So you’ve finally talked dad into using one of these fall alert systems. Beyond choosing a great company, an important detail to think about is: How will the paramedics get into dad’s home? There are a number of options here. Either dad’s fall alert systems operator could call a family member or neighbor who has a key during an emergency, you could have a key hidden on the premises, or you could use a lock box. I always suggest using a lock box. You never know exactly when your family will be available. Maybe they are away from the phone when the call comes in – so it’s crucial to have a different plan just in case! The lock box is just a secure way to have a key at the premise. You would lock a spare key inside the lock box, and your fall alert systems operator will relay the code to the paramedics at the time of dispatch! So think about how to get emergency help into the home before you sign up with a company!

Does your mom worry a lot about falling or having an emergency while she is alone in her home? Fall alert systems are a great way to help her relax more. Once she has a fall alert in her home, she will be able to get help whenever she needs! This enables her to do the things that she enjoys doing, without the stress or worry! Ideally, she may never have to use her fall alert systems button. But the service is there to improve her quality of life and help her, god forbid, if there is an unexpected emergency. With all the benefits to having a fall alert, getting a system is a great way to protect and empower your mom!

Fall alert systems empower seniors to live their lives independently late into their 80′s and even their 90′s. It’s a lovely thing to still be able to live in the home that you love without ever having to worry about what would happen during an emergency. All you’d have to do is press your fall alert button. That’s why seniors should be proud of the fall alert systems in their home. Between these devices, a healthy lifestyle, and a solid safety routine – seniors live much longer than they ever have before. In my experience, these fall alert devices are a great source of comfort for seniors. They live with much more peace and happiness in their lives knowing they could get help anytime, day or night!