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There are lots of different
medical alert companies.
But most of the technology
works the same!

Looking around for a good medical alert service can get overwhelming quick! There are a lot of companies out there offering similar systems and similar services. It’s important to take a look at a variety of options and call everyone you are interested in. There are also some companies that offer different type services, like fall detection or mobile systems. It’s important to fully understand how those services work and how they are different than a standard medical alert before signing up.

Really vetting a company becomes especially important if they ask you to sign any time commitment. Time commitments and this type of service do NOT go hand in hand. There is no sense in paying for a service years and years after you no longer need it. For that reason the best companies let you cancel whenever you need and they even the prorate what was unused back to you. In this competitive fall alert market, there is also no reason to pay activation, installation, or equipment fees. You should be able to find a great company who offers solid service without these additional fees.

The best medical alert services are easy to find…

American Senior Safety Agency is a national company that everyone should put on their short list. Senior Safety keeps their system and service simple and easy to use. Their prices are as competitive as it gets and their customer service is the best nationwide. Other good options that you might look into are Lifestation, Alert 1, and Rescue Alert. All three are reasonably priced and reputable programs.

Senior Safety Medical Alert

Take your time while searching. Read over our blog for more information on these systems. Call any company you are interested in, request brochures, and talk it over with your family. You’re making an important decision! And the right company for your situation is out there…